I don't believe in god
or give credence to any religion
created by fearful men
in efforts to oppress and subdue
those they felt 
were beneath them
instilling the thought process
that all were

except for themselves

religion is not for me

I still pray

my boots
smoothly pack their prints 
upon the snow covered walk
my breath
soft, steady, serene
it would be silent
save for the gentlest sound
of my steps
as I head home

the prayer is small
a quick word with the Universe
a telepathic memo to the stars
a devotion to the moon

once I'm home
I light a candle
for cleansing
I hold the wallet-sized
black and white photo of
my great-grandmother
so close to my heart
and whisper to it
as though she were right next to me
hugging me
consoling me
reassuring me
loving me

and I murmur an invocation
"give me strength
give me patience
give me kindness"

I do not believe in God

But I believe 
in the woman she was
and filled to the brim
with all the Love and Fortitude
only a cruel life 
could gracefully gift
as penance

No weight has been lifted
Problems are problems
I know
I am still 
my faith 
certainly isn't

After all
I believe in the Universe
The Stars
The Moon
and my 

And those are far more real and powerful
than any variation
of what is being sold
as God.


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