They love you when its convenient
When you are smiles
and sunshine 
glittering across the softest waves
a blooming bud
opening its petals to the world

They love you when it looks good
When there's an audience 
Envious of the affection
and attention
wishing they had what is displayed before them
A fancy overly priced
behind a polished pane
Don't touch"

They love you when it's easy
When you don't ask questions
When you allow mistreatment
When you stay silent
while the screaming inside
reaches crescendos
which would
shatter glass

They love you when you are an idea
When you fit the mold
They've set for you
You do not exceed the parameters
You are contained
In the box
You are a picture
Of Perfection

A picture
Not a person

All of this 
Is to say
In short...


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