Some loved her for her  smile
Others for her charm
Some loved her style
And how she adorned their arms

One loved her cooking
Some her soft heart
The few that were looking
Appreciated that part

One found her clever
And loved her quick wit
Searching for Forever
Convincing themselves She was It

Never did one love her All
Good, Bad, Fixed, Broken
They remained blindly enthralled
By traits they had chosen

Yet each she loved in turn
Hoping this time Love would stick
She never could discern
The Healthy from the Sick.

She looked past the lies
Ignored the flags of red
Even as they grew in size
"Oh, it's all in my head."

One day her heart turned to stone
Tired of her self-betrayal
She would rather be alone
Than love One who was unable

To love her complete
The gold and the muck
The bitter and the sweet
In motion or stuck.

She would sooner wrap her hands around the sun
Than be falsely loved by yet another one or some.


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